Procter & Gamble (P&G) has bestowed ZRP Printing Group the "P&G Partner of the Year Award" for the first time

On November 10, 2022, the Procter & GambleCompany (henceforth "P&G") hosted the 2022 External BusinessPartner Award Recognition Dinner for Delivering Sustained Value at itsheadquarters in Cincinnati. In recognition of their outstanding contributionsto P&G's business and sustainable development, P&G has honored elevensuppliers, including ZRP Printing Group, with the prestigious "P&GPartner of the Year Award" and has presented the inaugural "P&GSupplier Sustainability Award" to six suppliers. The ceremony was attendedby representatives of seventeen global suppliers and over one hundred seniormanagement teams from various business divisions of P&G, including JonMoeller, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of P&G, and AnaElena Marziano, P&G's Chief Procurement Officer. The award ceremony wasattended by Mr. Huang Huanran, Chairman and General Manager of ZRP PrintingGroup, Mr. Zhao Chenghua, Director, Deputy General Manager of the Group,andGeneral Manager of Marketing Center,and Ms. Luo Ying, GeneralManager of the Group's Key Customer Business Development Center.


ZRP Printing Group hasdistinguished itself among P&G's global packaging materials suppliers foryears. It has won the "Global EBP Excellence Award" for the pastseven consecutive occasions, and ZRP has once again maintainedthis winning streak in 2022 by winning the "P&G Partner of the YearAward". The award recognizes ZRP Printing Group's outstanding performancewith Procter & Gamble in innovation, quality, reliability, and sustainabledevelopment over the past two years. As Procter & Gamble's top accoladesfor suppliers, ZRP Printing Group is the only award-winning provider in Chinaand the only global paper printing and packaging provider outside North Americain 2022.


The 2022 P&GExternal Business Partner of the Year Award

ZRP Printing Group has engaged in the printingand packaging industry for over 30 years and has built cooperationrelationships with over ten of the world's top 500 enterprises as well as anumber of well-known domestic and international enterprises. With its differentiatedpackaging innovation capability of "Leading with innovative ideas, Escorting by smartmanufacturing" and professional service experience of "One place totake orders, Multiple deliveries, Global service", ZRP is deeply involvedin P&G's research and development of packaging products and productionautomation. Together with Procter & Gamble, ZRP strives continually toenhance the user experience and promote green sustainable development.